Research work

  • Geotechnical evaluation of ores with performance of composition analyses conforming to the world standards.
  • Development of new ore-dressing processes and techniques, new commercial non-waste and environmentally appropriate technologies.
  • Improvement of existing technologies.
  • Development of mineral processing equipment.

Design work

  • Design of metallurgical, mining and ore-dressing, pelletizing and sintering facilities, hydraulic structures and tailings storage facilities, including automation systems and development of environmental aspects of Design;
  • Design of mobile concentrating and crushing-and-sizing plants of modular design;
  • Design of small installations for utilization of recyclable waste materials producing special-purpose materials.

Development of investment projects

  • Evaluation of deposits development advisability with preparation of bankable feasibility study and business plan, performance of high-quality expertise of investment project with preparation for licensing.

Consulting services regarding all aspects related to mineral-and-raw-material resources of Russia and the CIS countries, including processing of these resources.

  • Technical-engineering audit.
  • Evaluation of the current condition of ore-dressing and mining facilities.
  • Evaluation of advisability of purchasing the shares of operating facilities, possibilities for upgrade or construction of new facilities with preparation of feasibility study and business plan.
  • Provision of information on modern domestic and foreign equipment, and automatic control systems.
  • Communication with foreign mining companies.
  • Evaluation of advisability of application of a certain production equipment for upgrade or renovation of existing operations.